Trent and Mersey Canal

9 to 11 June 2010

A thoughtful Sarah at the tiller as Stephen looks on.

A slight accident at Trentham lock resulted in the anti-vandal key falling in the canal. Despite extensive prodding with the boathook, the precise location couldn't be identified with certainty, and a large magnet loaned from a passing boat brought no joy, either. A trip to the chandler's in Stone was clearly needed.

We stopped at Wedgwood for a trip to the Wedgwood Visitor Centre, where Lucy throws a pot

As does Mary

And Helen

The Wedgwood factory from the canal

Above Stone, the reeds to the right show the route where a triple-staircase lock used to go, subsequently replaced with three single locks which are less wasteful of water and less prone to causing delays during heavy traffic.

Half-way along the Trent and Mersey Canal, between its junctions with the River Trent and the Bridgewater Canal.

This swan was very persistent, following the boat for several miles, and attacking it.

Safely moored at Stone after an excellent Italian meal at La Dolce Vita restaurant.

Climbing back up the Trent and Mersey, and the end is sadly in sight.

We do at least, at last, have some sunshine for our last afternoon, though it is breezy and chilly.

A CrossCountry Voyager crosses the canal as we ascend the Stoke Locks.

A couple more preserved bottle kilns, now sandwiched between blocks of flats.

There's still quite a lot of derelict buildings in Stoke, but each time there are fewer, and more waterside flats and compact houses.

Last lock, with a cheerful Merry, Helen and Stephen

As we are now experienced at going backwards, we reverse a short way up the Caldon Canal to fill up with water, and decide that it is a pleasant place to stop for our final night

...which involves an exercise in levitation

Jane exuding light thoughts

Success was mixed

Fingers are strong things.

Sausage and mash, levitation, Rapidough and a glass of two of wine ended a fun week, despite unexciting weather.



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