Border End, Hard Knott, Yew Bank and Throstlehow Crag

26 April 2013

I parked part-way up Hard Knott pass, not too far from the Roman fort that can be seen in the middle distance, and then walked up the road.

Once I reached the top of the pass, I left the road and started the climb up Border End. Here there is a view into Wrynose Bottom

...and down the Duddon valley

From Border End, a look down Eskdale

...and zooming in on the Roman fort

More of Eskdale, down which I will walk later

Looking from Border End to Hard Knott, with its summit cairn just visible

Esk Pike appears out of the clouds, with Esk Hause to its left

Looking to the sea; Caw is ont he left and on the far right is Stickle Pike where I was last night.

From Hard Knott, a look ahead to Esk Pike and Bowfell. The Scafells are still in the cloud on the left and Crinkle Crags in the cloud on the right

Dawson Pike is centre - an odd summit because it is unnoticeable on the tops among general undulations, but quite prominent from other places.

Glimpse of sunshine and blue sky as the clouds start to break and lift a bit more. Bowfell is centre with Crinkle Crags looming on the right.

Lingcove Beck - my route lies across the beck, but it isn't easy to identify somewhere to cross easily

A nice view of Bowfell and Crickle Crags in the background, but I'm still on the wrong side of the beck

Hmm, this looks about as good as it is going to get, and the trampled ground on the other side suggests that quite a few people have crossed here. I'm not the most sure-footed of stream-crossers, but made it across with dry feet.

Regaining height, a look back to Lingcove Beck which I've crossed, with Yew Bank behind it.

Gaining more height. A rainbow springs from Lingcove Beck, with Crinkle Crags behind.

From Throstlehow Crag, a look across the south ridge of Esk Pike to the pointed top of Bowfell

Looking across the steep-sided valley of Eskdale to Slight Side

And looking down Eskdale from Throstlehow Crag. Harter Fell is centre; on the left is the ridge of Yew Bank, Hard Knott and Border End. My route lies back alongside the river Esk. From the summit an easy descent NW on grass leads to the main path along the valley.

Some of the summits of Crinkle Crags from Throstlehow Crag

Descent from Throstlehow Crag safely made to the path alongside the Esk, which here descends fairly steeply through a series of cascades. Just left of centre is Scafell Pike, with the pass of Mickledore to its left. To the right of Scafell Pike can just be seen Broad Crag hiding behind Pen, with Ill Crag to its right.

The delightful Lincove Bridge is wonderfully situated with Lingcove Beck cascading down between crags, meeting the River Esk about where I am standing.

A little further downstream, the River Esk is almost at the end of its more dramatic section: in the middle distance is the watersmeet where the Esk comes down from the left and Lingcove Beck from the right, with my last summit of Throstlehow Crag towering above.

Heading down Eskdale, and the Esk has shed a little of its youthful exuberance

Eskdale Needle is high up on the fell side

As I continue my descent of Eskdale, Bowfell has now become prominent behind

Almost at the end of the walk, but the last section is all uphill, and it feels very hard work.

A very narrow stile

Border End, where I was earlier, looking down on this Roman fort

From the fort, the view up Hardknott Pass.

And a last look at the Roman fort before I reach the car, just as a very intense hail-storm arrived.

Improving weather and some glorious scenery despite the cloud, but a good deal of path-less walking meant this took a bit longer than expected

Total distance 11.5 km and 662 metres of ascent in 4 hours 48 mins



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