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Stephen Dawson and Lucy Dawson

So who are Stephen Dawson and Lucy Dawson? This site isn't really meant to be about us. It started in 2001, after we started taking digital photos, when such a thing was a novelty, as way to give them some structure as an alternative to printing them out and putting them in photo albums - long before Instagram (2010), Tumblr (2007), Facebook (general access 2006), Panoramio (2005), Bebo (2005), Flickr (2004), Wordpress (2003), Myspace (2003), Picasa (2002), etc.

Thus the primary audience was us, and the secondary audience was friends and family, but it's great that so many other people have visited and some have been kind enough to say they enjoyed their visit: if you haven't, then we hope you find somewhere you do enjoy. So the site isn't about us, but we're not invisible on the Internet and the diligent can find out more if you really want to. As of February 2015...

Stephen Dawson OBE is a venture capitalist with 30 years’ board level experience as chairman, chief executive and director - he has been involved for 25 years with ECI, a venture capital company specialising in mid-market buy-outs, where he is now non-executive chairman.

Stephen John Dawson is an Irish footballer who, as of August 2014, plays for Rochdale.

Stephen Noel Dawson is an Australian politician who was elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council as an Australian Labor Party member for Mining and Pastoral region at the 2013 state election. He took his seat on 22 May 2013 and became a Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Pilbara; Kimberley and Goldfields-Esperance regions. In September 2013 he became Shadow Minister for Disability Services, Mental Health and Child Protection.

Stephen Dawson is a partner in Shoosmiths where he leads a team primarily focused on all aspects of consumer finance, and small and medium ticket asset finance and leasing. This includes a nationally recognised expertise in wholesale and retail motor finance, together with niche products such as pay day lending, timeshare, and shared equity schemes.

Stephen Dawson is a Vice President for Finance at Oracle.

Lucy Dawson was an artist known for her sketches and paintings of dogs, mainly dating from the 1930s.

Lucy Dawson is Digital Communications Manager at Lloyd's of London, and a Packaging Technologist at Unilever. Lucy is a Content Producer at AnalogFolk.

None of those people is us!


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