Arrival of Lottie

December 2011 & January 2012

In December 2011, the pack was augmented by the arrival of Lottie, also known as Cloudywing's Charlotte of Luphenex, who is the latest hopeful for the show team. She is quite a character, although for the most part pretty laid back and easy work for a puppy. She just started puppy classes and is learning fast.

Lottie at 9 weeks in her breeder's home

First cuddle with her new mum!

Stephen's cousin Sara, visiting from Australia, pops over for a quick meet and greet

Mum of the litter, Cloudywing Celtic Tiger or Tiggy

Lottie with her sister

Lottie in her new home!

After 2 days, Ellie has stopped sulking and agreed to lie on the same sofa

Unlike Hetty, Lottie is a very good eater!


The whole family!

My view in the evenings

Having a snooze

A little game of tuggy with Hetty

And a game of 'bitey face'!

Lottie seems to be winning....

All tired out!

Pretty girl!


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