English Marilyns Climbed

The 176 English Marilyns are the English hills which have a clear drop of 150m (approximately 500 feet) all round. In other words, they are high relative to the land around them, rather than relative to sea level. They are listed in the book The Relative Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson (Cicerone Press 1992).

Here I show the 115 English Marilyn summits I have so far visited, together with links to photos where available. Additionally, I've visited 3 others (2 in Wales and 1 in Scotland), making 118 altogether - a small tally compared with many people, but we all have to start somewhere!

Region 34A: Lake District - Northern Fells

931m/3054ft Skiddaw NY2604229079 24/03/2005
710m/2329ft Knott NY2961632985 14/10/2011
552m/1811ft Lord's Seat NY2043426552 01/09/2009
447m/1467ft Binsey NY2251335528 27/03/2005
254m/833ft Watch Hill [Setmurthy Common] NY1591731819 22/08/2005
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Region 34B: Lake District - Central & Western Fells

978m/3209ft Scafell Pike NY2155207211 01/09/1995
899m/2949ft Great Gable NY2110110320 06/04/1996
892m/2927ft Pillar NY1712612104 24/05/2009
852m/2795ft Grasmoor NY1748520352 20/05/2012
807m/2648ft High Stile [Grey Crag - High Stile] NY1700914817 02/01/2011
802m/2631ft Kirk Fell NY1949510486 30/12/2006
791m/2595ft Grisedale Pike NY1984022546 28/09/2012
762m/2500ft High Raise [High Raise (High White Stones)] NY2808809523 25/03/2005
753m/2470ft Dale Head NY2228915326 01/05/2005
705m/2313ft Pike of Blisco NY2711904213 13/05/2004
692m/2270ft Seatallan NY1400208443 27/08/2005
609m/1998ft Illgill Head NY1687404909 24/08/2005
573m/1880ft Blake Fell NY1105219685 13/02/2010
549m/1801ft Hard Knott NY2318802376 21/08/2005
512m/1680ft Mellbreak [Mellbreak South Top] NY1484218614 11/09/2010
469m/1539ft Lingmoor Fell [Lingmoor Fell - Brown How] NY3027404604 20/04/2003
352m/1155ft Dent [Long Barrow] NY0415312898 02/01/2005
335m/1099ft Loughrigg Fell NY3469705138 08/05/2004
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Region 34C: Lake District - Eastern Fells

950m/3117ft Helvellyn NY3424615110 11/08/2001
873m/2864ft Fairfield NY3587411757 12/10/2007
841m/2759ft St Sunday Crag NY3691913397 05/05/2008
828m/2717ft High Street NY4407711049 12/08/2006
776m/2546ft Red Screes NY3966108757 03/09/2009
763m/2503ft Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor] NY4186609999 19/08/2004
736.8m/2417ft Seat Sandal NY3442011530 09/08/2006
664m/2178ft Tarn Crag (Sleddale) NY4884807852 15/11/2008
657m/2156ft Place Fell NY4053516948 21/08/2004
537m/1762ft Great Mell Fell NY3968125366 17/10/2004
505m/1657ft Little Mell Fell NY4232424018 17/10/2004
494m/1621ft Grayrigg Forest SD5986799801 31/12/2004
388m/1273ft Hallin Fell NY4330219818 15/10/2004
357m/1171ft High Rigg [Naddle Fell] NY3085221997 17/10/2004
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Region 34D: Southern Cumbria

803m/2635ft The Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man] SD2724297817 30/08/1995
654m/2146ft Harter Fell (Eskdale) SD2187699714 11/05/2004
600m/1969ft Black Combe SD1355185491 27/03/1999
573m/1880ft Whitfell SD1588292983 09/05/2004
339.6m/1114ft Lambrigg Fell SD5868494179 22/08/2004
335m/1099ft Top O'Selside SD3089591910 31/07/2003
334m/1096ft Kirkby Moor [Lowick High Common] SD2599183916 28/07/2003
321m/1053ft Gummer's How SD3904488487 16/08/2002
317m/1040ft Holme Fell NY3150500605 19/04/2003
275m/902ft Hutton Roof Crags SD5569977508 30/12/2004
270m/886ft Claife Heights SD3820497345 28/07/2003
231m/758ft Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag SD1121298352 29/07/2003
215m/705ft Whitbarrow - Lord's Seat SD4417587045 29/12/2003
159.1m/522ft Arnside Knott SD4561177479 23/08/2005
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Region 35A: The Northern Pennines

662m/2172ft Nine Standards Rigg NY8254406108 14/02/2010
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Region 35B: The Central Pennines

704m/2310ft Great Whernside SE0020673907 18/07/2005
694m/2277ft Pen-y-ghent SD8385573384 19/07/2005
668m/2192ft Fountains Fell SD8641771585 19/02/2006
507.8m/1666ft Cracoe Fell SD9931258837 22/07/2005
402m/1319ft Rombald's Moor [Ilkley Moor] SE1146945226 26/07/2003
357m/1171ft Sharp Haw SD9594655272 17/07/2005
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Region 36: Lancashire, Cheshire & the Southern Pennines

636.3m/2088ft Kinder Scout SK0848487560 07/09/1996
582m/1909ft Black Hill SE0781704688 07/08/2004
559m/1834ft Shining Tor SJ9947573744 20/11/2004
557m/1827ft Pendle Hill SD8046541414 01/01/2005
521m/1709ft Fair Snape Fell SD5973347290 24/06/2003
517m/1696ft Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law SD9297235632 15/05/2006
456m/1496ft Winter Hill SD6598314937 16/09/1995
454m/1490ft Freeholds Top SD9060021881 16/02/2006
396m/1299ft Easington Fell SD7302848686 01/01/2005
385m/1263ft Gun SJ9700761517 20/11/2004
350m/1148ft Longridge Fell SD6579841061 24/06/2003
343m/1125ft The Cloud SJ9042463707 02/08/2003
179m/587ft Billinge Hill SD5255801431 29/04/2005
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Region 37: The River Tees to The Wash

454m/1490ft Urra Moor - Round Hill NZ5943101596 06/05/2007
434m/1424ft Cringle Moor - Drake Howe NZ5374702960 05/05/2007
328m/1076ft Gisborough Moor NZ6344012342 06/05/2007
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Region 38A: Shropshire

540m/1772ft Brown Clee Hill SO5937586705 08/01/2010
536m/1759ft Stiperstones SO3675598648 02/11/2008
533m/1749ft Titterstone Clee Hill SO5914077954 27/12/2006
516m/1693ft Long Mynd - Pole Bank SO4152194443 02/11/2008
407m/1335ft The Wrekin SJ6280708098 07/05/2004
358m/1175ft Burrow SO3811583089 09/01/2010
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Region 38B: West Gloucestershire, Hereford & Worcester

425m/1394ft Worcestershire Beacon SO7688245238 13/03/2004
375m/1230ft High Vinnalls SO4779572408 08/01/2010
296m/971ft May Hill SO6955021279 12/02/2005
290m/951ft Ruardean Hill SO6349416919 12/02/2005
272m/892ft Seager Hill SO6136538950 13/03/2004
254m/833ft Hegdon Hill SO5852853925 13/03/2004
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Region 39: Central and Eastern England

330m/1083ft Cleeve Hill SO9969224602 24/11/1996
316m/1037ft Walton Hill SO9426079808 02/05/2005
299m/981ft Bredon Hill SO9576240267 24/08/2003
278m/912ft Bardon Hill SK4599313199 09/04/2004
267m/876ft Wendover Woods [Haddington Hill] SP8907409087 05/04/2003
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Region 40: Cornwall & Devon

621m/2037ft High Willhays SX5802789221 28/09/2003
420m/1378ft Brown Willy SX1587180003 02/10/2003
334m/1096ft Kit Hill SX3748971344 01/10/2003
312m/1024ft Hensbarrow Beacon SW9968257558 30/09/2003
261m/856ft Christ Cross SS9641305228 04/10/2003
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Region 41: South Central England

325m/1066ft Beacon Batch ST4846457270 05/10/2003
308m/1010ft Selworthy Beacon SS9188947993 10/04/2009
288m/945ft Long Knoll ST7861037659 03/04/2004
277m/909ft Win Green ST9251720701 03/04/2004
233m/764ft Dundry Down ST5534066725 05/10/2003
208m/682ft Swyre Head SY9341878466 13/08/2005
199m/653ft Nine Barrow Down SZ0081981217 13/08/2005
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Region 42: South-East England & the Isle of Wight

297m/974ft Walbury Hill SU3735061632 01/06/2002
295m/968ft Leith Hill TQ1393543185 24/02/2002
280m/919ft Black Down SU9194929634 03/05/2003
270m/886ft Butser Hill SU7168420328 03/05/2003
269.6m/885ft Botley Hill TQ3870855182 21/09/2008
248m/814ft Ditchling Beacon TQ3316313074 29/09/2002
242m/794ft Crowborough TQ5105630647 22/03/2003
241m/791ft St Boniface Down SZ5673678548 07/06/2003
240m/787ft Chanctonbury Ring [Chanctonbury Hill] TQ1386612042 30/01/2005
217m/712ft Firle Beacon TQ4854705932 22/03/2003
214m/702ft Brighstone Down SZ4324684732 08/06/2003
214m/702ft Wilmington Hill TQ5485003447 22/03/2003
200m/656ft Detling Hill [North Downs] TQ8049458650 04/05/2003
188m/617ft Cheriton Hill TR1978639668 04/05/2003
164m/538ft Cliffe Hill TQ4340710715 30/01/2005
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