Bellringers' Outing

21 July 2001

On 21 July 2001, the bellringers of the North & East District of the Middlesex County Association and London Diocesan Guild Guild of Church Bell Ringers went on an outing to Northamptonshire, organised by Lucy in her capacity as District Secretary.

St John, Wicken (8) 15-1-20

img_0043.jpg (100363 bytes)
Our first tower of the day

dscn7391.jpg (92747 bytes)
with a wonderful plaster fan vaulted ceiling

St Lawrence, Towcester (12) 23-1-17

We then moved on to Towcester, but unfortunately in the heat of the moment, ringing their wonderful bells, I neglected to take any photographs.

Holy Cross, Patishall (6) 11-2-24

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After lunch, we travelled on to Patishall, just off the A5 between Towcester and Daventry.

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There was some delay in getting into the church, but it gave time to admire the beautiful wild flowers in the churchyard

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And for a group photo

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With only six bells at this tower, and about 35 bellringers, it was tricky making sure everyone got a fair go. Stephen, in charge of this tower, can be seen centre-picture pondering what we are going to ring next.

Holy Cross, Daventry (10) 18-3-11

dscn7495.jpg (114536 bytes)
We had a slightly worrying arrival at Daventry, finding a wedding party emerging from the church. Whether it was the intention or not was unclear, but we ended up providing the wedding party with 45 minutes of ringing, which they thought they had paid for!

dscn7484.jpg (116889 bytes)
High Altar and Reredos

St Andrew, Whilton (8) 13-1-5

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After tea, we visited Whilton, our last church of the day.

dscn7497.jpg (78652 bytes)
Like with so many churches, it is hard to imagine what the architects had in mind when they extended churches in a way totally out of line with the original structure.

dscn7507.jpg (92127 bytes)
Ringing titanic triples


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