Sparsholt Ringing Course

23-26 August 2002

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Stephen outside Newbury church

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Outside Newbury church, waiting to be let in

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Some of our group, with the group's tutor, Steve Coleman, centre. Steve is best known by many in the ringing fraternity for his excellent books on all aspects of bell ringing.

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A helper for the day on the tenor boxes

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Overton church

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Steve Coleman and his helpers demonstrating early methods during "a lecture for all"

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The tower of Winchester cathedral, home to 16 bells, being a ring of 14 plus two "extras"

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En route to the ringing chamber...

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...and looking down from the same place

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Steve Coleman and Mary in the ringing chamber

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Group H1 - Stedman Triples

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Handbell ringing during the Sunday evening entertainment

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The Enfield ringers with Steve Coleman


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