Our Honeymoon (2)

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Lucy lifts up away from the boat on our first go at parascending.

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Pissouri beach from the sea

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Lucy heads back in towards the beach on her jet-ski

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Lucy prepares to lift off on her second go at parascending

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Lucy comes in to land on the boat

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A trip into the mountains

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The summits of the Troodos mountains in the distance

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The village of Foini

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Kykko Monastery (in full, the Holy Royal and Stavropiyiaki Monastery of the Virgin Mary) in the Troodos mountains

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The bells up on the hillside

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Some of the brightly coloured mosaics on the walls of the monastery

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Tradition has it that Byzantine Emperor Alexios Comnenos I (1081-1118) was prompted to establish the monastery in 1100 after the hermit Isaiah, who lived in the Troodos mountains, revealed that his daughter could be healed from a rare incurable disease if he would consent to build a monastery and donate to it the icon of the Virgin he possessed, reputedly painted by the Apostle Luke

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A familiar title on sale by the monastery.

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Soaking up the sun at our villa from exclusively-cyprus.com

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A nest with four fledglings, perched over table 10 at Kastro's at Pissouri beach.

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At the Moonlight Tavern - an early meal prior to a visit to the theatre

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The view from our table

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At the Pissouri Amphitheatre, opened in 2000

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At the beginning of As You Like It, the dancers perform for the lawful duke, as the last rays of the sun disappear from the tops of the hills towards Limassol.

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The happy ending, with all the couples paired off.

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Our final evening in Pissouri, at the Two Friends


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