Grand Union Canal - Leighton Buzzard to Aylesbury

13-14 June 2003

Eight bellringers (with a ninth on Sunday), inspired by our successful day out on the canal last year, took a boat from Wyvern Shipping in Linslade near Leighton Buzzard south down the mainline of the Grand Union Canal to Marsworth and then down the Aylesbury Arm to its eponymous terminus.

Our boat, Splendid, on a beautiful Friday evening with Sheila at the tiller and Alan at the bow.

Horton Lock, Grand Union Canal
Jane guarding the bridge over the tail of Horton Lock. These double-arched bridges are a common sight on this part of the Grand Union canal, the Grand Junction Canal Company originally envisaging that the locks would be paired, an investment which was only carried out for the Stoke Bruerne locks.

Splendid approaches the lock

...and Lucy sees it safely in

Helen and Mary waiting for the lock to fill

On Saturday morning, under more blue skies, a coffee stop at Marsworth Junction, with the British Waterways office and maintenance depot behind

Splendid in the lower of the two staircase locks as we start the descent towards Aylesbury

After lunch, with the temperatures in the high twenties, Alan lifts the paddle as Merry and Jane look on

Jane opens the gate with a minimum of effort

Mary and Jane watch as Splendid approaches the lock

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