Wiltshire Hills - Long Knoll and Win Green

3 April 2004

Long Knoll

The grassy ridge of Long Knoll, a few miles south of Frome, just inside Wiltshire

Looking east along the ridge

From the dip half-way along, looking along the hedge to the summit and trig point

Having visited the trig point, George explores the other side of the barbed wire fence - something he was all too keen to do

George on top of Long Knoll (288m / 945ft)

After a steep descent, we walked back along the path at the base of the hill

Looking across the valley to White Sheet Hill

The summit of Long Knoll from the road


Win Green

The byway along the ridge to the summit of Win Green

The stand of trees occupy the highest point by a few inches.

George lies by the toposcope on the summit of Win Green (277m / 909ft)

Today was not the clearest of days, but the toposcope shows that the views can be extensive

The summit car park. George and I had spurned this lazy person's option in favour of the ridge walk from the east

An impressive looking house seen from the ridge - Higher Berrycourt?

The rolling hills of west Wiltshire


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