May Hill and Ruardean Hill,

12 February 2005

May Hill

Lucy, Henry and George on the way to the top of May Hill, a hill between Gloucester and Ross-on-Wye, whose summit is on the western edge of Gloucestershire, though its northern slopes are in Herefordshire. It forms part of a low range of hills separating the River Severn from the River Wye. The hill is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and forms part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

 Much of the hill is owned by the National Trust, though the very top is under separate ownership (though with no fences). It was recently included among the seven wonders of the West Country.

The summit is 296 metres (971 feet) above sea level, and located there among the trees are several benches from which allow study in comfort of the views, which are extensive in all directions. They include views to the Welsh borders, seen here.

Prominent in the views to the south-east are the lower reaches of the River Severn, bypassed for shipping by the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

Stephen with the dogs at the trig point.

Each May Day (the first of May), morris dancers dance in the new dawn on the top of May Hill, a ceremony believed to have been carried out for several centuries.

Ruardean Hill

The covered reservoir and trig point on Highview Road at the top of Ruardean Hill, another hill in Gloucestershire, 20 km west of Gloucester. The southern slopes are wooded and are part of the northern edge of the Forest of Dean.


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