Kenilworth Castle

8 October 2006

A visit to Debbie and Mark's in Kenilworth - after a big Sunday lunch we walked down the road to Kenilworth Castle.

Debbie & passenger, Mark, Lucy and Stephen in front of the keep.

Lucy on the Great Tower, cheerful because she has just been saying hello to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy!

The keep, built by Geoffrey de Clinton, Treasurer and Chief Justice to Henry I in the 1120s.

Debbie in the cellar below John of Gaunt's Great Hall.

From the keep, looking across to the accommodation added in the mid-1500s by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

A close-up shows some mysterious holes in the wall.

Leicester's building from the other side

Looking up through the multiple storeys of Leicester's building.

The keep

and close-up these holes are not mysterious, being the hints of one of the two clock-faces that used to adorn this corner of the tower.

The Saintlowe Tower, added to the castle in the 14th century for John of Gaunt to provide additional lodgings.


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