Pupapalooza, Greenwich Park, London

24 June 2006

The American Cocker spaniel breeder Jim Zimmerlin holds regular puppy parties, known as Pupapaloozas, in California, which started out as a way to introduce new owners to their puppies. This idea has grown and now Pupapaloozas are being held in several parts of the US. Those of us on the Zim family forum who live in the UK decided it was time we held our own event! Of course, we were unable to have just cocker spaniels as they do, but all the dogs that came were most welcome and enjoyed themselves hugely, as did the owners!

dog agility in Greenwich Park, London
Charlie, George's younger brother, and Fudge, a border terrier, try out the agility equipment.

Grace with Lottie, an English cocker spaniel

George tries on his cowboy hat and bandana, while the humans try on the party hats!

The cake is brought out - this was one that Daisy had had made, specially suitable for dogs and humans. Ellie my Cavalier wants a closer look!

dog cake
A close up of the cake, which has a photo of the Zims with some of their puppies, as a tribute to the great people who started all the fun!

Lottie tries to decide whether a piece of cake would be good for her figure

George has no such worries - Lucy tries to stop him stealing a third piece, but is too slow!

Charlie sniffing around, with Josie, Daisy's English cocker, and Lottie watching the fun

dog agility weave poles
George shows them how it's done, as he has had agility training in the past and considers himself an expert

dog agility tunnel
Charging through the tunnel

dog agility see-saw
And going over the seesaw

The group photo - the families of the dog holding people appear to have become shy and slipped out of view!

American Cocker Spaniel
Charlie stops for a quick breather

American Cocker Spaniel brothers
The two American cocker spaniel brothers - George is 4, and Charlie a little over a year old, but you can see the resemblance! Their mannerisms were very similar too. They are true brothers, but today was the first time they had met.


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