Benjamin William Dawson

4 August 2007

With Mark and Debbie going to a wedding in London, we gladly agreed to play host to Ben once more. It is only three weeks since we last saw him, during the Suffolk birthday cruise, and he continues to grow up.

A happy boy plays with his bowl full of toys as George, Ellie and Lucy look on.

Playing with noses. Shortly after he grabbed Stephen's glasses - fortunately they are quite flexible!

Ben likes spoons

He was fascinated with George, and stared at him throughout his lunch. George did the reverse, though he was mainly staring at Ben's food.

This little sun shade was bought by Lucy's Dad for the dogs, but works well for Ben too.

He had great fun rolling from one side to the other, and pulling up the grass.

Mum and Dad back from London, Ben holds himself up on the coffee table - earlier he had appeared to read the magazines while doing this. Another very enjoyable visit from Ben (and Mark and Debbie) - we look forward to the next time we will see him, which will probably be in Cyprus.

The latest updates are on Mark and Debbie's website.


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