31 August to 9 September 2007

What with one thing and another, it was three years since we'd last been to Cyprus, and a Friday afternoon saw us happily arriving in Pissouri, where seven other members of the family awaited our arrival.

Ben gazes rather uncertainly at his Uncle Stephen

Ben sploshing in the swimming pool.

Mark, Ben and Lucy in the swimming pool of villa Kambos

Saturday evening at the Bunch of Grapes in Pissouri.

Ben and Mark take a last swim on Sunday morning

Ben at the Vineleaf - he loved this. After that, Mark, Debbie, Ben, Malcolm and Pat departed on Sunday afternoon, and Roger and Winn on Sunday evening, leaving just the two of us for a week. Being with the family was good, but it was nice to be able to chill out and do what we wanted without having to think of others.

The view from villa Kambos

The swimming pool

On Friday, we went for a drive. After lunch in Omodos, we made our way towards Ayios Nikolaos. Here we look north towards Mount Olympus, the high point of the Troodos mountains.

The Paphos Forest

The mosque in Ayios Nikolaos.

As we descend from Ayios Nikolaos towards the Diarizos valley, there is quite a lot of water in the reservoir, despite reports of water shortages.

Kelefos Bridge, one of several mediaeval Venetian bridges along this valley.

A winding stream cascades over stones through the trees. Not perhaps what most tourists associate with Cyprus in summer.

The ford across the river

Lucy captures an informal shot of Stephen - the only way to get a half-decent smile.

The second bridge is Elia Bridge, here with Lucy on top.

Stephen scrambling around on the bed of the stream.

A beautiful day out in the forest.

We missed the dirt road marked on the map from Elia Bridge towards Foini, but then managed to find a tarmacked road that wasn't on the map, running from Kaminaria through Treis Elies to Agios Dimitrios, the last mentioned being centre picture. Thus, despite the map, we found that the dirt road we had expected to travel along turned out to be a tarmacked road all the way from Agios Nikolaos  to Kaminaria.

Agios Dimitrios

On the final morning, a walk to the end of Pissouri Beach

Pissouri Beach from the eastern end. It is only half past ten, but there is hardly a soul to be seen.


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