A Day in Essex: Normidca dog show and
a walk in Maldon

31 March 2007

Henry, a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in the show ring
Henry in the adult handling class of the North Middlesex Canine Association (Normidca) show in Basildon.

Lucy and Henry in the adult handling class
Lucy making sure Henry looks suitably beautiful

Third-prize winners in the adult handling
A slightly odd expression from Lucy, but she is clutching the third place rosette and card.

Toy Group judging at the Normidca dog show
Having then entered the Cavalier breed classes and won Best of Breed, Lucy and Henry are in the line-up during judging of the Toy Group.

Lucy and Henry lead the lap of honour after winning the Toy Group
Lucy and Henry begin the lap of honour after winning the Toy Group, a great achievement and our third Toy Group win.

Group winners compete for Best in Show
Three of the Group winners, including Henry of course, in the Best in Show judging.

Lucy and Henry competing for Best in Show
Keeping a close eye on Henry. Sadly we got nothing in Best in Show, but he did get a very close look - perhaps a third place, if such were awarded, would have been Henry's. But a very successful morning nonetheless for Henry, who is now nearing his fifth birthday and winding down his main showing career. When he is seven he might try some Veteran classes though!

Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation at Maldon
Afterwards we drove a few miles across Essex to Basildon to Maldon, where we parked by the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, where many boats are moored, most rather more focussed on the sea than on the navigation itself.

Lock cottage by sea lock on Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation
The lock cottage by the sea lock.

Henry on a lock gate
Henry on the lock gates, enjoying the wind and sun

The Old Ship inn, Maldon
The Old Ship pub and its outdoor tables looks a delightful spot - though it was very windy today.

Sea lock of Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation
Looking out into the estuary past the lock gates

Sea lock of Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation

Estuary of the River Blackwater
We then took a walk along the sea wall, looking out over the lower reaches of the river

Yachts on the River Blackwater
Not much water in front of the lock entrance.

Henry on the Blackwater river wall
Henry on the sea wall

Henry on the Blackwater river wall
Doesn't he look handsome?

Old boats on the Blackwater
The mud flats in front of the sea wall have become the last resting ground for quite a few wooden vessels in various stages of decay.

Decaying boats on the Blackwater
More hulls of former boats

Lucy and Henry on the sea wall at Maldon
Lucy and Henry on the sea wall. Henry seems to be contorting himself into a rather odd position here!

Rotting boats on River Blackwater at Maldon
Wooden hulks on the mud flats, adding a certain romance, perhaps, or even slightly reminiscent of Speedy, the boat from Arthur Ransome's 'Secret Water' novel

Henry by the entrance channel to the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation
The original intent had been to walk around a circuit, but it was very windy and we were much later than arriving than originally planned due to Henry's success, so when we reached the southernmost point of the path, we retraced our steps past the lock.

Henry and the Old Ship, Maldon


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