The Second UK Pupapalooza

23 June 2007

On 23 June we gathered again in Greenwich Park for the second UK Pupapalooza, started by Jim Zimmerlin in California

Lottie (back) with three of her puppies - Brandy, Chelsea & Penny

Trying to get a group photos, with dogs arriving and leaving, and general mayhem!

Vera, with her gorgeous sable American cocker Jesse

And the third American there, Bailey and her owner Flo

Cutting the cake!

George shows off the bandana from the California Pupapalooza Lucy attended

Ellie takes a quick breather

Cuddles from cockers!

And kisses too!

Just lazing around, having fun

Meg says hello!

We had threatening weather reports, but were really lucky!

Practising Sits and Downs

Ellie gets another cuddle

A great time was had by all - see you next year!


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