UK Pupapalooza 2008, Greenwich Park

Saturday 21 June 2008

Fast becoming an annual tradition, started by Jim Zimmerlin of fame, our group of cocker lovers and friends meets for the third time

Alfie visits another group and comes back with a trophy!

Daisy & friends arrive

George demonstrates the jumps

Fudge shows he can do it too!

Josie checks out an interesting bag

Floyd (4th from left I think) and Lottie (2nd from right) show off their offspring

The big group picture!

And the release moment after making the dogs sit still!

The food is unpacked!

These two had a fantastic game much of the afternoon!

More scoffing of food!

Ellie & Daisy have a little cuddle!

Party games - we had a chocolate drop derby, and this is 'musical downs'!

Then we showed off a few tricks - a double sit

More red cocker fun!

Ellie practises leaving a treat on the ground - very hard!


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