Watercress Line

1 March 2008

Lucy with the guidebook to the Watercress Line - the Mid-Hants Railway which runs from here at Alton to Alresford

Looking down to the line towards Alresford, waiting for the train to arrive

The train has arrived, and the engine now runs round ready to head our train back to Alresford

Safely on board, watching the cheerful guards

Medstead & Four Marks station

We have arrived at Alresford station and wait for the locomotive to be detached ready to run round

Standard 5 number 73096

The locomotive heads away from us as it runs around the carriages

And back towards us

Heading north towards Alton, we see the famous topiary at Ropley station

The signal box and more topiary at Ropley

Waiting at Horstead & Four Marks for the train from Alton

Here it is, allowing us to continue our jouney back to Alton.


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