A visit to Coventry

Doctor Who exhibition, Transport Museum and Canal Basin

1 August 2009

Stephen outside the Tardis at the entrance to the exhibition

The Empress of the Wracnoss, from the Christmas special The Runaway Bride

One of the Slitheen, a family of monsters who have appeared several times in new Who

And an Ood, another popular new alien

The device which with the Doctor destroys a werewolf in Tooth and Claw

And the diamond which was needed to make it work

Stephen stirs the cauldron while a witch from the Shakespeare Code looks on

Another popular episode, a clockwork droid from The Girl in the Fireplace

Rose's costume from the Idiots Lantern

A favourite character from both classic and new Who, Stephen almost touching K-9

From the Tenth Doctor's first ever episode, the Sycorax leader

From the latest Easter special, Michelle Ryan's costume and a Tritovore

A Sontaran, another returning alien first seen in the early days of Doctor Who

One of my favourite new aliens, the half-human, half-fish Hath

Another old favourite, the Cybermen return!

And the best known of all, the Daleks from the planet Skaro

'Exterminate, exterminate!'

Davros, the creator of the Daleks

We then had a little look round the rest of the Transport Museum, joined by Mark, Debbie & Ben - here is the vehicle which once held the land speed record

And the current holder of the land speed record

Ben has a go driving a truck

Ben driving Brum, a superhero car!

On the way back to the car, we visit the Coventry Canal basin where Snipe and Taurus, the hotel boat pair, are moored

James Brindley, engineer of the Coventry Canal, looks away from the basin up the canal

Another arm of the canal basin


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