Doctor Who party

13 June 2009

Lucy's mother has a friend who gives a themed fancy dress party each year, and as the theme this year was Doctor Who, Lucy was kindly invited along...

We arrived at Linda's house to find this exciting sight! We went in and it was indeed much bigger on the inside!

Dalek Sec (aka Linda) was waiting to greet us!

More guests arrived - Midshipman Frame, the Host, and Astrid (from Voyage of the Damned) and the Third Doctor

There was a quiz to do (Lucy got 2nd) - notice a 4th Doctor having a go!

Another 4th Doctor

Another 4th Doctor (it was a popular costume!) with the 9th Doctor, who was thrilled Lucy had recognised his costume

Children's fancy dress - the Tardis and a Weeping Angel in the front, with a Host and Donna in the back

Some of the adult fancy dress - Astrid again, with Doctor Who and Doctor Sue, plus a Weeping Angel

Lucy was joint 3rd in the fancy dress - here is the Tardis, winner of the competition

Lucy in her Tenth Doctor costume

And another 4th Doctor - it was a popular choice!

After lots of food and fun, the party closed with fireworks



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