Lucy in Louisiana

16-23 April 2009

Lucy went out to Louisiana, to visit Winston, Ellie's puppy, who is now 17 months old, and his owners Craig and Diane. Here is Winston, all grown up and very handsome, ready for his first show of a 4 day cluster.

On Sunday the previously rainy weather cleared to beautiful blue skies, and Craig & Diane got some of their other 'babies' out - Lucy & Diane drove to our lunch venue in this Corvette...

...while Craig followed in the Porsche. We swapped for the homeward journey. Great fun!

We also spotted this veteran Mercedes, and chased it around until we got close enough for a quick snap!

Back at home, it was another grooming session to keep Winston looking perfect for his next 2 shows. Sadly he failed to win any points towards his Championship, but not for want of effort on his or our parts!

Once the shows were done, there was a little time for sightseeing, and we went to the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, where we saw these...

...and these policemen too, looking like those machines were fun!

Lucy tries one out - the policeman didn't seen to mind!

Diane by the fountain

Lucy admiring the view

We then went to a huge outdoors shop and had fun browsing the vast amount of camping, boating, fishing and hunting equipment...

...before a relaxing evening at home

Lucy tried quite a lot of new food this trip - gumbo (aka weird brown sludge!), poboys, grits, and pictured above, crawfish!

Craig & Diane's house is in the flight path of an air base, and they get a lot of these B-52s flying over the house

Just because the shows are over, there's still training to do - here Diane and Winston practise their ringcraft

Winston has also started agility and is loving it

Lucy has a go with Johnny, one of Craig & Diane's cockers. We also did some beginners Rally Obedience, which was fun!

On the last afternoon we visited some casinos, for which this area is pretty well known - Craig made money, Diane came out even, and Lucy lost all hers!

For some legal reason, the actual casinos have to be situated on boats - it makes a fun picture though!

Outside Craig & Diane's beautiful home in the sunshine

Out back, some of the dogs are having fun stalking the pool cleaner robot

All the Hardy dogs - Roux, Barques, Winston, Johnny and Marie

And the beautiful guest room Lucy was given for the week - even with laptop so she could keep in touch! Many thanks again to Craig & Diane for such a wonderful holiday!


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