12-17 July 2011

On the first day of Lucy's visit to her friends Craig and Diane, we visited this wonderful steam paddle wheel boat, and had a lovely trip around the waterways, though it was very hot and humid!

Craig enjoying the ride!

Some of the unusual swamp-like scenery - there are 'roads' through the area, and you need to know your way!

Lucy takes a turn at the wheel

The boiler

An unusual sight - the largest soup tin in the world, perhaps?

The 'Graceful Ghost' back at her mooring

Lucy & Diane, looking forward to getting back to air conditioning!

Another day, we took one of Diane's cars out for a spin - this is her old Porsche.....

....and this is the new one!

They have also just bought this RV for super-comfort when away at dog shows - lucky them!

Shreveport happens to have one of the rare towers with bells installed for English style change ringing, so of course we had to go and visit!

Lucy with the Shreveport ringers, who are coming on very well, particularly considering they are all learning at once!

Great numberplate!

From there, we went to a bar where Craig has a regular weekly gig, and enjoyed listening to the band

The following morning, it was snack time for the dogs, before we went out for another ringing practice

Back home, it appears to be snack time again.....

That afternoon, we were privileged to visit the home of Dr Cline, the American part of the Pascavale Cavaliers, and here is Diane is having a cuddle with the renowned Ch Pascavale Enchanted - Winston's grandfather!

The following evening there was a car rally nearby - it was too hot to stay long, but here are a few of the cars there

On Lucy's last day, we visited a town just over the Texas border where much of it is still looking like the 1950s - great fun!

Back home, Johnny is coming at a run!

Ch Luphenex Land A Victory RN, also known as Winston, poses for a photo with Marie

And here's a temporary houseguest, Bella the chihuahua

The champ again!

Marie taking possession of the comfy chair

And Roux looking cheerful.

Another wonderful visit - looking forward both to Craig & Diane visiting next year, and my next visit to them!


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