New Chinchilla Babies

Born Easter 2003

On our return from the Lake District, we found two new arrivals:

July 2001

Dcp_0727.jpg (442368 bytes)
Three chinchilla babies arrived on Thursday 12 July 2001.

Dcp_0723.jpg (477594 bytes)
Their mother, Roberta, with one of her children, only a few hours old.

Dcp_0724.jpg (391813 bytes)
Two children look for food!

Dcp_0725.jpg (402568 bytes)
Rupert and Roberta

Dcp_0726.jpg (286616 bytes)

Update: 19 August 2001

The babies are now 5 weeks old, and growing fast.

img_0253.jpg (179343 bytes)
Mum, a baby, and Dad

img_0254.jpg (257527 bytes)
Mum and two babies

img_0255.jpg (228540 bytes)
Mum, baby, Dad and another baby

img_0261.jpg (194846 bytes)
Two babies together

img_0263.jpg (236929 bytes)
Mum, Dad and a baby scurrying to get away from the camera!


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