Norfolk Coast Path 2: Brancaster to Burnham Overy Staithe

17 July 2013

It's over a year since I was last on the Norfolk Coast Path, but a hot and sunny, if slightly hazy, morning saw George and me at Burhman Overy Staithe from where we got the bus back to Brancaster to start our walk. It was very nearly a disastrous start with my wallet left on the bus, but fortunately the driver was pausing to let the timetable catch up, and I was able to run back to the bus and collect it before he drove off.

A short walk down a lane from the main road saw us to the coastal fringe. Most of today's walk lies along the "back" of the coastal wetlands, with interesting views across marshes, water channels and much vegetation, but with little to see of the sea. Boardwalks have been installed in a few places and all in all it was to be delightful underfoot.

A view from the path towards the sea

The path runs along the back of gardens in places

A lovely spot, suggests the National Trust, and a delightful sign. A shame they didn't provide a seat. I stopped for a drink and leant on the gate. My intention was to walk inland a short way to the site of Branodunum roman fort. A Scottish couple went by and advised that there was very little to see, but as it was only a short walk I decided to go and see for myself

The very flat site of the Roman fort, built in the 230s. The walls were removed for building materials and only the earthworks remain.

Boats in Brancaster Harbour

Approaching Brancaster Staithe

The scattered boats around the harbour lend a chaotic charm

The network of tidal creeks is lovely, with the true coast still a long way away

Then the nature of the walk changes, taking to the embankment, presumably built to reclaim the Deepdale Marsh to the right for agriculture. We follow this embankment for over four kilometres

Nearing the end of the embankment, looking across Overy Marsh to Burnham Overy Staithe

Burnham Overy Staithe windmill. From here a short along the road brings us back to the car and on an exceptionally hot day (30C), even though we have walked deliberately slowly, it is still a relief to get into the air-conditioned car and have some chilled drink and lunch.

Total walk was 10.3 km (making 9.6 km of progress along the Norfolk Coast Path) in 2 hours 52 mins

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