Thames Path - Cookham to Maidenhead

3 February 2007

Continuing the Thames theme that seems to be starting to pervade this year's outings, Stephen and Ellie went for a circular walk from Maidenhead, first walking across fields to Cookham, and then back along the Thames Path to Boulter's Lock at Maidenhead. The walk was described in the Walks Along the Thames Path book Lucy gave Stephen for Christmas, but was modified to have a different start point, allowing a finish along the Thames rather than the Thames being the first section.

As we leave the northern edge of Maidenhead, an interesting sculpture of a hippo and baby greets us. There was no information to explain or put the hippo in context. Perhaps hippo fossils have been dug up here???

We make our way across fields away from Maidenhead along the Green Way.

Ellie on the Green Way

Farmland in the Thames valley

A flooded quarry which the path skirts as it leaves Maidenhead.

We pass a boundary stone, marking the edge of Maidenhead. Sadly this stone is not only buried in a hedge (which is not unexpected in a boundary stone) but hidden behind the modern kissing gate

Ellie about to cross White Brook

Footpath along the edge of the Moor Hall estate

We then reach the village of Cookham

From Cookham we follow a minor road, which forms the first part of the Thames Path of today's walk. This takes us to the bank of the river itself. The concrete jutting into the river is the remains of the landing stage for My Lady Ferry: this was the last ferry operated by the Thames Conservancy, linking the towpath on the far side to its continuation on this side. The ferry ceased operating in 1956, and as a result those following the Thames nowadays have to make the diversion through Cookham village and regain the Thames here, as there is no link between the two banks.

Ellie by the Thames

Looking across the river from the same point, to Seven Gable Cottage

Cattle grazing by the river on this beautiful February morning

The path was largely firm but just muddy enough to be slippery

The Cliveden reach of the Thames

Another Maidenhead boundary stone

As we continue along the Thames Path, we reach the edge of Maidenhead, and moored boats start to appear

Looking straight into the low sun, we see the weir of Boulter's Lock

Boulter's Lock, and journey's end. A grand winter's morning walk, and made much better by the change in start point: it seemed very odd to have a walk centred around the Thames, and then to finish with the river a third of the way through - much better to have the river as the fitting climax to the walk.

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