Switzerland: Oberberghorn from Schynige Platte

8 July 2009

Another day, more cloud obscuring the high peaks, but we took the slow cog railway from Wilderswil at around 580 metres to Schynige Platte at 1967 metres. This is the station at the top of the line. There is an Alpine garden that we had a quick look around, then a drink at the hotel, before setting off on a walk.

I think this is the Gumihorn - it's an impressive outcrop, anyway.

Looking towards the Jungfrau

A little pause for breath

On top of our first Alp, albeit a very minor summit. There were lots of little cairns.

Looking down on Interlaken and the Thunersee.

As we make a short but slippery descent, a look back at that impressive outcrop again

Looking ahead to the Oberberghorn, our next destination. We will be visiting the summit on the left, which looks rather vertical from here.

Looking at the view, with part of the Brienzersee in view

The summits of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau all briefly out of the clouds together

A close-up of the Sphinx, where travellers to the Jungfraujoch can go.

Looking up at the Oberberghorn, the steps show how we will get up that near-vertical ascent seen a few minutes ago.

Another shot of the Jungfrau and to its left the Sphinx.

The glacier we walked near yesterday.

Me on the Oberberghorn with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau behind

Dad with a similar view

Looking further along the ridge with the Brienzersee below

Part of Interlaken with our hotel (and rooms) centre picture

The train returns to Schynige Platte ready to carry us down to Wilderswil.

Cows grazing as we descend.

In sunshine later in the day, the view from my bedroom balcony - Schynige Platte is just behind the right-most summit.



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