The Bluebell Railway

29 September 2002

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Lucy, Henry and George on board the 1400 from Sheffield Park to Kingscote, currently the terminus of the Bluebell Railway until the extension to East Grinstead is opened.

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At Kingscote, our locomotive has run round and is reversing up to the train.

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No. 473 "Birch Grove" was built in 1898 for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, and bought by the Bluebell Railway in 1962.

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The Bluebell Line was the UK's first preserved standard gauge passenger railway, re-opening part of the Lewes to East Grinstead line of the old London Brighton & South Coast Railway in 1960.

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A quick check of something before our departure back to the south.

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Lucy and the dogs stretch their legs

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Getting ready for departure.


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