The Flying Scotsman to Plymouth

14 September 2002

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In the pale grey light of a September morning, a Class 47 pulls our train into platform 2 at London Victoria at about 6.20am

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One of the Northern Belle Venice Simplon Orient Express coaches for those in first class

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At the other end of the train, pulled into the station by the diesel, waits No. 4472 Flying Scotsman, the most famous steam locomotive in the world.

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A Connex train pulls out of platform 3 past Flying Scotsman

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Although now carrying number 4472, that by which she is best known, Flying Scotsman was originally 1472 before becoming 4472. Under British Railways she was E103 and then 60103. When transferred to private ownership at the end of the BR steam era, she reverted to 4472, and after a brief spell back as 60103 she is back to 4472 yet again!

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Stephen on the footplate, with the firebox just visible below his elbow.

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Stephen and Lucy in one of the standard class coaches

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Rewatering the loco at Frome

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The photos above were only taken by being quick off the train. A huge crowd soon collected - Flying Scotsman is the most photographed locomotive in the world.

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Travelling along the sea-wall at Dawlish

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Horse Cove, with Exmouth visible on the far side of the estuary of the Exe.

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The sea and some of our thirteen coaches, with Shag Rock poking above the waves

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Looking across the Teign from Teignmouth towards Shaldon and Ringmore

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From further up the Teign, looking back towards the sea

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The piper plays to celebrate our arrival in Plymouth

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Lucy on the footplate of Flying Scotsman

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The plaque in the middle reads:

On August 8th 1989 this locomotive achieved the world's longest non-stop run for steam traction of 422 miles 7.53 chains between Parkes and Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia

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Palm trees in Armarda Way in the centre of Plymouth

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The Flying Scotsman in Plymouth, as we begin our return journey to London behind a rather more modern Class 66 diesel.

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Totnes (Littlehampton Riverside) station on the South Devon Railway.

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