Cambridge Outing

7 September 2002

The ringers of St Andrew's Enfield together with others from North & East Middlesex, went on an outing to Cambridge.

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St Bene'ts Church, Cambridge, our first tower of the day (after a stop for elevenses at a quarter to ten).

Inside is a plaque which reads:

To the glory of God
and to commemorate the tercentenary
of the birth of Fabian Stedman of Cambridge,
a ringer at this church, who by his labours
laid the foundation of the art of change
ringing. The bells in this tower were restored by
the ringers of Great Britain, Ireland and overseas.
December 1931.

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A few yards away was our second tower, the church of St Edward King and Martyr. The ringing here was memorable due to the fourth bell, which made a strange double sound with every pull, the two notes being at varying times, leading to seven notes during ringing on six bells.

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At lunchtime, some of the group went punting from Mill Lane

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Craig pushes Lucy, Helen and Jane out into the Cam

img_1805.jpg (88828 bytes)

img_1806.jpg (94924 bytes)
and downriver under Silver Street

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Under the Mathematical Bridge at the back of Queens College

img_1809.jpg (71874 bytes)
Some interesting manoeuvres

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A view from Garet Hostel Lane Bridge, looking expectantly but ultimately in vain for the others, who had made it down to the Bridge of Sighs at John's.

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Back at the Mill Lane pool, a view from the Silver Street Bridge

img_1814.jpg (91159 bytes)
Lucy propelling the punt back under the Mathematical Bridge

img_1818.jpg (77154 bytes)
And after a quick crew change, Craig takes over

img_1819.jpg (81643 bytes)
Reappearing from under Silver Street Bridge

panPunting.jpg (227577 bytes)
And preparing to come back in to the bank (click picture for a larger version)

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After some lunch, we moved on to St Mary and Michael, Trumpington (on the southern edge of Cambridge). (Photo: John Allan)

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The church at Trumpington had a lovely set of eight bells. Some of us having a look around the church prior to making our way to Cherry Hinton for the last tower of the day.

dcp_1391.jpg (65114 bytes)
Inside St Andrew's church, Cherry Hinton. (Photo: John Allan)


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