3 May 2003

The second hill of the weekend was Blackdown, near Haslemere in West Sussex.

Path in the wood on Blackdown near Haslemere
A hill of very different character from Butser Hill, Blackdown is covered with a National Trust forest.

View from Blackdown near Haslemere
A view from the top of the eastern escarpment

Bluebell in the wood on Blackdown
A solitary bluebell, the only one seen during the walk

Trees of Blackdown
The forest is a lovely mixture of deciduous and conifer, and very open and airy. Much of the woodland around Haslemere is owned by the National Trust, no doubt partly because Sir Robert Hunter, one of the three original founders of the National Trust, lived in Haslemere from 1883 until his death in 1913. He was Chairman of the Trust for 18 years from its foundation in 1895.

Trig point on Blackdown near Haslemere
I had the fun of a little treasure hunt to find the trig point, which is on the highest point (280m/919ft) but away from the main paths. Clearly it is now useless for surveying purposes.

Gorse in flower
Gorse in flower

Memorial seat on Blackdown
At the southern escarpment is this seat...

Viewfinder on Blackdown
...and viewfinder. It was a little hazy today, but the South Downs were just visible some 25-30 miles away. On a clear day the sea can be seen.

Bank Holiday walks, May 2003



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