The New River, Enfield

19 March 2003

A walk from Church Street south along the New River...

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River House dates from the 18th century, and is now occupied by solicitors

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Trinity Church (Methodist and United Reformed)

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As the river winds along next to the Town Park, it begins to widen out

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No fishing, says the sign. Once optimistic, since the river was cleaned up there may be fish here again.

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Looking back north up the river, with the island to the right

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As the river comes back into a single course after the island, it continues under this bridge, being the dividing line between the Town Park and Bush Hill Park Golf Course.

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The river bank from the Town Park

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The slow process of converting this ugly office block into flats continues.

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As we travel back north, a couple of geese on the east side of the island

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Daffodils in the park, looking up to the bank of the river

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Back at Gentleman's Row, the blossom is still looking pretty

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