The South Downs

Wilmington Hill and Firle Beacon

22 March 2003

 Long Man of Wilmington
The Long Man of Wilmington stands 70 metres (230 feet) high. The earliest reference to the Long Man suggests that originally the figure was a marking in the grass rather than a solid line. In 1874 the figure was marked with yellow bricks, later replaced by concrete blocks.

 View from Windover Hill to Firle Beacon
Climbing onto Windover Hill, this tree demonstrates the prevailing winds. Behind can faintly be seen the objective for later in the day, Firle Beacon

Long Man of Wilmington from above
The Long Man, seen from above

Windover Hill from Wilmington Hill
George and Henry on their way to Wilmington Hill from Windover Hill (on the horizon)

Lucy George and Henry on Wilminton Hill
Lucy, George and Henry on the summit of Wilmington Hill, 214m above sea level

Stephen and George on Wilmington Hill
Stephen and George investigating the trig point

George in full flight
George in full flight

Village of Wilmington in East Sussex
On the way back down, the village of Wilmington

Wilmington village across the fields
Our path back to Wilmington between the fields

Henry doing a St Bernard impression

Tram-lines in the fields
Trams in East Sussex

Henry on the South Downs Way
Later in the day, Henry investigates this gate without a purpose in life, on the South Downs Way on the path to Firle Beacon

Henry and George on Firle Beacon
Henry and George enjoying themselves on Firle Beacon

George and Henry on Firle Beacon
Firle Beacon is 217m above sea level


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