Wendover Woods

5 April 2003

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Stephen and George climbed our nearest Marilyn, known variously as Haddington Hill and Wendover Woods, located between Wendover and Tring, south-east of Aylesbury.

For more information on Wendover Woods, see the Forestry Commission website.
Top of Haddington Hill in Wendover Woods (click for larger photo)
The pseudo-trig point on the summit plateau. As can be seen here, you can drive to the top, but we parked on the road below the hill and walked the two kilometres of distance and 100m of ascent to the top. Hardly a long and demanding walk, but rather more of a feeling of achievement when we got to the top.

2003-04-05-141439.jpg (118150 bytes)

Rock carving on Haddington Hill (click for larger photo)
The top is somewhat disappointing as a hill, not least because of the car park, but also because the highest point is undefined among the woodland. A short walk perambulates around the summit plateau, with a number of interesting carvings.

Carving of owl in Wendover Woods (click for larger photo)
This one got George very excited!

Wood carving in Wendover Woods (click for larger photo)
Though he seemed more relaxed about this one.

George on the way back down (click for larger photo)
George clearly enjoying himself on the way back down the hill

George on the left, descending Haddington Hill (click for larger photo)
Much of the track was in a gully like this (must be very damp after rain), which George enjoyed climbing up onto every ten metres or so, and then dashing back down. Here he is on the left plotting his latest route of descent.

George descending a side-path (click for larger photo)
George returning after a visit up a side-path.

Some of the flowers and trees in bud seen along the way...

A primrose (click for larger photo)

Violets (click for larger photo)

A dandelion (click for larger photo)

2003-04-05-144357.jpg (75010 bytes)

2003-04-05-144530.jpg (62073 bytes)

2003-04-05-144556.jpg (88526 bytes)

A buttercup (click for larger photo)

Another buttercup (click for larger photo)

2003-04-05-145734.jpg (78042 bytes)

Another primrose (click for larger photo)

George relaxing by the path (click for larger photo)
George relaxing while Stephen takes all those photos!

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