A Week in Cyprus

18-25 July 2004

The view to the sea from our Cyprus villa.

Early morning, and the goats move across the valley

A familiar sight around the edges of the patio at the villa, the lizard didn't want to stay still for a close-up picture

Boats in the harbour at St George's, at the western end of the tarmacked roads

John and Lucy swimming in the harbour

Debbie, John and Lucy

After the swim, lunch further west at Viklari, the "Last Castle", reachable after what would be a very rough ride without a four-wheel drive

In its beautiful situation under the grapes, with wonderful stone stables, Viklari does away with menus, serving only souvla with jacket potatoes, and delicious it was too

The view from the Last Castle

Interesting formations on the way out from the Last Castle

Drinks by the pool at Kambos villa prior to going to the village for dinner.

St Andrew's church looms over Pissouri village square

The family together for the last time, at the Bunch of Grapes Inn at Pissouri

The setting sun from Kambos



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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson