African Warrior:
A Day on the Rivers Orwell and Stour

7 August 2005

We were lucky enough to receive a generous invitation to spend the day on the yacht African Warrior. From Wolverstone marina on the River Orwell, we travelled down to Harwich Harbour, and then up the River Stour.

steam tug on River Orwell near Harwich Harbour
We pass a steam tug as we go down the River Orwell towards Harwich Harbour

After lunch moored near Wrabness on the River Stour, we make our way back east towards the harbour

Lucy at the wheel while Dorothee and Winn look on

Dorothee, Winn, Lucy, John and Roger on African Warrior

Thames barge on River Stour
A Thames barge on the River Stour

cruise ship Jewel of the Seas near Harwich
Lucy with the cruise liner Jewel of the Seas behind - 293 metres long, some 90,000 tonnes with up to 2501 passengers and 870 crew

Stephen at the wheel with Roger and John.

A very enjoyable day out - our second yachting trip, and we hope not the last.


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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson