Boulsworth Hill (Lad Law)

15 May 2006

On our way back home from the Lake District, we stopped off to visit another Marilyn, this time Lad Law, the summit of Boulsworth Hill, between Colne and Hebden Bridge.

We parked on the road between the two Coldwell reservoirs and followed the Bronte Way. Here we see the upper reservoir, looking rather empty, though the heavy rain that persisted throughout our walk will have helped a little to replenish it.

Looking across Will Moor to our objective, Boulsworth Hill and its summit, Lad Law.

Going up the one of the permissive paths that climb the north-western slopes

George looking miserable in the rain near the high point of the hill. He isn't miserable really, he just isn't keen on sitting still!

Looking along the summit ridge

Back on the Bronte Way, the bridleway that runs along the base of the hill. It is still raining, and time to head for home.

To be honest, a bit of damp trudge, but no doubt a nice walk in better weather. The GPS recorded 7.01km with 360 metres of ascent, taking 2 hours (including 20 minutes stopped).


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