Diggerland - JCB Experience

26 August 2006

For his birthday, Lucy bought Stephen a "JCB Experience", other commitments preventing it being taken until now. We travelled to Diggerland adventure park by the Medway at Rochester in Kent.

In the left-most JCB, Stephen gets instructions on how to operate the controls.

Lucy goes for a ride around the site and gets a photo of Stephen concentrating!

Getting the hang of it!

The hole is getting bigger.

Lucy lifted high above the site on another JCB, looks down on the JCB experience

And the other way at the dumper-truck rides and smaller JCBs digging away.

Looking across the Medway

Stephen is now using the jaws on the front of the JCB to pick up and stack tyres. He has just put the fourth one on top of the pile.

Racing around the site at quite a pace!

And around again

Sadly it is nearly over

And Stephen parks the JCB

Stephen and his JCB

Lucy in a smaller digger, getting to grips with things very quickly.

Having fun!

More soil being dropped

And that hole is looking very deep. Great fun all round. Sadly it was five o'clock by this time and so Diggerland was closing, but it was well worth a repeat visit another year.


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