Pupapalooza, California

16 September 2006

Having been a member of the Zim family forum for a while, and enjoyed the pictures of the lovely puppies and dogs from California, and after helping to organise the first UK Pupapalooza in Greenwich Park, Lucy decided to take a short trip over to the original Pupapalooza - a weekend-long event that celebrates (American) Cocker Spaniels and their owners. These Pupapalooza parties are timed to coincide with the Zim family's litters of puppies, so that out-of-town friends can come meet the puppies just before the pups go to their new homes.

Lucy holding Toby, one of the newest Zim puppies. Behind her on the garage roof is a webcam through which Stephen is watching the goings-on 6000 miles away.

Toby with his lucky new owner, Susie

Another of the Zim litter, Pismo, with Rachel, one of his new family

Watch out, Pismo's coming!

The third of the new puppies, Malia, chilling out

Jim Zim himself, holding Malia

Last but not least, beautiful Madison having a snooze

Pismo tries out Jim's tennis ball invention

Sharon with 6-month Peri, from an earlier Zim litter

The Zim's stud dog, Dodger running for a ball

General happy scenes at the puppy Meet and Greet

A lovely sable girl also named Lucy

Nap time!

Sharon & Jim with the lovely Peri

The afternoon beach party

Lucy runs through the crowd

And Mango tries out her new chair

Cody, a gorgeous silver buff

A lucky lady gets a cuddle with Reese, another Zim dog

The beautiful young lady Lexi, owned by Annmarie, who was kind enough to ferry Lucy around and share a room


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