Turkey Holiday

26-31 March 2006

A holiday visit to Turkey, centred around the total eclipse of the sun on 29 March, but with time for relaxing and a bit of sight-seeing too.

On Sunday evening, the view from the patio of our villa in the village of Yeşilöz

Looking to the sea

A panoramic view of the swimming pool

In March, with the air temperature peaking at 20°C, the swimming pool was always going to be cold, and at 13°C (55°F) it was, but it would have been such a waste not to use it. Stephen is first to take the plunge

Lucy in the pool. Although cold, it was very pleasant, and we went swimming on three of our five days in Yeşilöz

The River Yeşilöz as it reaches the sea

The busy beach!

On Thursday evening, Stephen on the harbour-front at Alanya, with the prominent red tower on the left, and the old city walls visible snaking up the hill

Lucy looks across the harbour

More from Turkey with a visit to the Roman city of Anemurium...


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