Bellringing in Palace Gardens, Enfield

27 September 2008

Generously funded by the Mayor of London's Open Rehearsal, the bellringers of St Andrew's and St Mary's in Enfield, generously assisted by ringers from across Middlesex, hosted the Charmborough Ring in Palace Gardens shopping centre, to promote bellringing generally, and hopefully to attract some new recruits.

On a misty morning, starting to set up the miniring

The basic frame erected

Unloading the bells from the trailer in the service yard

Lifting the first pair of bells into position

Bells 3 and 4 lifted up

All set to go

A bellringer of the future?

Ringing in Palace Gardens as the Saturday shoppers stop and watch

We reckon about 150 people got to ring for the first time, about 500 leaflets were handed out, and more than 3000 people saw the bells in action.

Starting to disassemble the ring

Lucy puts the last board into the trailer. Time for home!


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