Suffolk Christmas

29-30 December 2008

During three days at Stephen's parents in Suffolk, we made a couple of little outings.

The water clock on the pier at Southwold.

Ben and his Gran look at the clock on a chilly day

Lucy with George and Ellie; Debbie and Mark are behind.

The sea front at Southwold

The dogs on the beach with the pier behind them.

Stephen enjoys creating some mini-landslides on a miniature sand cliff

Mark and Debbie help Ben to play with his cricket bat and ball. A little soon perhaps for Ben, but he can grow into it!

In the meantime, the bat is good for digging in the sand

The grown-ups have a go - Mark bowls to Stephen

And vice-versa. Mark was better - perhaps he's had more practice with undersized toys!

A large wave caught Mark unawares

The reading corner

Ben shows us how to eat a fromage frais.

The next morning, going for a little walk in Rendlesham Forest

Spooky wintery light

And later, as the sun sets, a look at the river at Snape Maltings


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