Ben Dawson comes to visit

4 April 2009

With his parents popping over to Paris for a few days, our nephew Ben came to visit for a day before going to his grandparents.

Ben is very domesticated - he spent much of the visit playing with the vacuum cleaner (though calling it a Hoover, no doubt much to James Dyson's disgust)

In Jubilee Park

He was very keen on climbing

The other children were very good and experienced, guiding the "baby" to the middle of the roundabout

More climbing

And more, with a little help on the big steps for little legs

The tunnel was popular

But the big slide was favourite

And more climbing - he struggled the first time but by the third was a natural

Back at home, Ben checks out one of the dogs' crates.

Ben brushes Henry's ear, watched cautiously by Henry. Henry was very laid back about Ben really in spite of the funny face he is pulling here, though Ellie looks slightly suspicious, and George was fascinated!

A lovely visit from a lovely boy: I hope the introduction to chocolate Weetabix doesn't cause too many problems, but it was very popular!


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