Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag

29 August 2009

Having parked at Church Bridge, ascending the bridleway across the lower flanks of Applethwaite Common, the mountain skyline here is our walk for the day - starting on the right at Yoke, then the peaks of Ill Bell and Froswick before Thornthwaite Crag, then returning along their flanks to the right of The Tongue seen centre-left

A little higher and a similar view with George

We left the Garnburn Road near the top of the pass and take the relatively new path, not alongside the wall.

In places it is grassy

But much is this stony, slightly embanked path which is fairly easy to walk on - a vast improvement on many "improved" paths. But how well will it last?

The old quarries of Red Screes are seen right, beyond them the Langdale Pikes, and beyond them the upper Eskdale fells including Crinkle Crags and Bowfell with part of the Scafell range seen behind them. On the left, the Coniston Fells disappear into the cloud.

From the summit of Yoke, looking ahead to Ill Bell

From Yoke, the Langdale Pikes in sunshine with Scafell Pike behind; Great Gable joins the view on the right.

Looking down on Kentmere Reservoir, with beyond it Nan Bield Pass lying between Harter Fell and High Street

From Ill Bell, looking past one of the summit cairns to Windermere

Lookiong ahead to Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag. Stony Cove Pike is to the left.

High Street across Hall Cove

The Pennines across Nan Bield Pass

George and me on Ill Bell

Another look at Windermere

Panoramic view to the north - click on picture for larger version

George above Froswick

The Tongue is bottom right, with the valley of Hag Gill along which we will walk later

Looking back from the slopes of Froswick along the improved path to Ill Bell and behind it Yoke

The improved path comes to an abrupt end: above it you can see the multiple lines that have been cut by walkers, which have here been dug out to form a drainage ditch and ebnak the new path

The impressive pillar on top of Thornthwaite Crag - it is about four metres tall.

Here the wather took a rapid turn for the worse - a look bath over Thornthwaite Crag to Froswick and Ill Bell, disappearing into rain which was being blown very hard

Descending - although it doesn't look mich like it, this is High Street, the Roman Road.

After very heavy rain with strong winds, we have descended into the valley of Hag Gill, with The Tongue seen ahead.

Continuing along the Roman road of High Street

A disused quarry

Looking back along the line of descent to Threshthwaite Mouth

George prepares to ford a stream

Another little ford, looking back along our line of descent. From here we descended through Limefitt Park and back to the car

Zoom in for more detail, or click to view larger map in new window

Despite the rain and gales, a very pleasant walk. Total distance 18.4 km and 1057 metres of ascent in 5 hours 47 mins.



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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson