30 May 2010

(Apologies about the quality of some of these photos - I forgot my camera so they're all taken on my iPhone.)

One of the narrow-gauge lines at Bressingham, looking across to some standard gauge lines

As we make the circuit on the first narrow-gauge line, we cross the second

Our spur to come here today was the rally organised by the Norfolk & Norwich Rover Owners Club, including this splendid array of P4s.

This carriage looks sadly in need of attention.

There were plenty of seats to spare on the short standard-gauge line...

...pulled by this rather dirty-smoked LBSC, number 662 "Martello" which went into service in 1875 and was withdrawn from service in 1963 after which it was sold to Bultin's, reaching Bressingham in 1971.

The steam-powered gallopers delight the young and young-at-heart - they were built in 1900.

The steam engine powering the gallopers

The second narrow-gauge line we experienced was the Garden Railway, which as the name suggests does a tour of the gardens here.

Also in the eclectic Bressingham is a Dad's Army museum, notably including the fire engine used in 'Brains Versus Brawn'.

The car in which Pike becomes a man.

In development is a postal mail museum, which should also be very interesting.

A German steam locomotive - it was moved to Norway and after the war was stored as part of a NATO reserve, sealed up in a tunnel where it was forgotten.

Today it was home to an unexpected visitor, which seemed very unfazed by the goings-on around it.


The locomotive for our fourth and final railway journey of the day.


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