Landguard Fort

22 May 2010

Languard Fort sits on the edge of Felixstowe by Harwich Harbour at the mouth of the River Orwell. Designed to guard the entrance to the harbour, the first fortifications were built in 1540. It has seen vast changes since then, including in the Second World War. It was abandoned in the 1950s but is being progressively restored.

A clock over the exit.

Mines used to guard the harbour entrance in the Second World War

A 12" gun, weighing 38 tons, with rifled muzzle loading. There were five at Landguard Fort from 1874, and each needed a crew of 17 men to work it.

Looking out to see past some of the WWII additions

The inner barracks, dating from 1870, with the cranes of Felixstowe Docks peeking over the top

More WWII additions.

A better view of Felixstowe Docks, with the ever-popular little car park squashed in next to the cranes but offering a grand view out over the harbour.


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