Hartsop Dodd and Gray Crag

28 May 2011

Another dreary day, but one where there seemed to be a reasonably clear window which would allow for a walk away from the highest fells. I parked in the car park at the eastern end of the road through Hartsop, making a donation to the school in lieu of any parking charge.

From the car park, looking to Hartsop Dodd. Our route lies up that wall onto the ridge and then the ridge to the top.

From the same point, the last top of today's walk, Gray Crag. They have the deep valley of Pasture Bottom between them, today's walk being a walk right around that valley, taking in the other fells of Stony Cove Pike and Thornthwaite Crag which we've already visited.

Making good progress, looking down on Hartsop village and towards the southern end of Ullswater

On the ridge and gaining height

The cairn though not highest point of Hartsop Dodd, looking towards Caudale Moor

Progressing towards Caudale Moor and Stony Cove Pike

Looking back to Hartsop Dodd

On Caudale Moor, Windermere looms out of the mist and increasing rain as the wind picks up too.

Next destination is Thornthwaite Crag - the depression of Threshthwaite Mouth between them is unseen from here and requires quite a descent (which was slow because of the rough terrain and the rain) and reascent.

From the depression of Threshthwaite Mouth looking down the valley of Trout Beck, interrupted by The Tongue, with part of Windermere just visible.

Having visited Thornthwaite Crag, we make our way over an unnamed summit to Gray Crag

Looking back to Thornthwaite Crag left and Caudale Moor right, with Threshthwaite Mouth between them

On Grey Crag

There is an impressive view along this ridge down into the next valley containing Hayeswater

Approaching the end of the ridge and the beginning of the steepish but easy descent to Hayeswater Gill, rain accompanying us most of the way back to the car.

A shame about the weather but some impressive mountain scenery.

Total distance 10.1 km and 909 metres of ascent in 4 hours 35 mins

Lake District holiday, May 2011



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