A birthday trip on the Nene Valley Railway

9 February 2014

As part of Stephen's birthday celebrations, we went for a trip on the Nene Valley Railway

Preserved Swedish railcar 'Helga' is to be our conveyance for the ride from Orton Mere

Having travelled to the eastern end of the line at Peterborough Nene Valley, and then to the western end at Yarwell Junction, we are now at the main station of Wansford where have a few minutes to stretch our legs

Helga with the destination name of Peterstad (Peterborough)

Lucy and Ben

Thomas and Roger

The level crossing at Wansford

After all the rain this winter, the views on today's trip included a lot of water where it shouldn't be

A driver's eye view

A lovely trip with the family - now on to lunch...



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