River Cam from Cambridge to Upware

15 March 2014

Cambridge and the River Cam aren't far from home, but somehow have never quite suggested themselves for a walk, but when Lucy was going nearby and so there was the opportunity of a lift, it was a good time to put that right.

Lucy dropped us off opposite Stourbridge Common, from where we walked downriver, with lots of rowers on the river

After passing under the A14, we reached Baits Bite Lock and stopped for a drink

Passing Horningsea

Having crossed to the right bank at Clayhithe, we get a good view of the many boats moored on the left bank here

The countryside gradually becomes more Fen-like

Approaching Bottisham Lock, the last chance for several miles to cross the river.

In Cambridge and for a while thereafter, the towpath (or Hailing Way as they call it hereabouts) was busy with walkers, joggers and cyclists, but George and I are now almost on our own, with the exception of an occasional moored boat.

Crossing Swaffham Lock and looking along Swaffham Bullbeck Lode

Old lock gates discarded by the side of the lode

Following the river bank, away from the river for a little while

The pumping station at Reach Lode Lock

From Reach Lode Lock, looking along Reach Lode

An easy walk - not hugely thrilling as is to be expected in such flat territory, but enjoyable enough to come back one day and continue on towards Ely.

Total distance 13.6 km in 3 hours 8 mins


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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson