Peak District: Beresford and Wolfscote Dales from Hartington

8 March 2014

Having dropped Lucy, Ellie and Lottie off at Crufts, I drove with Hetty and George to Hartington in the Peak District.

The weather wasn't great with heavy cloud and mist, but I was hopeful that it wouldn't rain

Heading across fields towards Beresford Dale

George spies the stile, but decides to wait for me to open the gate

George and Hetty in Beresford Dale

Leaving Beresford Dale for the moment, but a look across country to where we will be later in the day

Passing Narrowdale farm

Heading up Narrowdale Hill

George shows Hetty how to climb the stile

Horses at The George in Alstonefield

From there we headed across country towards Dovedale, where there was a steep descent into the valley

Crossing Coldeaton Bridge

Heading up Dovedale

Another bridge provides an alternative route into or out of Dovedale. I watched the two people, who I'd passed earlier before I took the longer way round, descending very slowly and carefully.

At the fork, we turn left and follow what is now Wolfscote Dale

The scene we saw earlier across country

Where the bridge crosses, we leave the river and head up the hill

A last look back at Wolfscote Dale

Sheep following us across a field, clearly totally relaxed about the well behaved dogs

Heading down into Hartington. A pleasant walk through some impressive deep dales, though like any walk it would be improved by better weather.

Total distance 12.9 km and about 440 metres of ascent in 3 hours 39 mins

While we were in the Peak District, Lottie got third in her class at Crufts - well done Lottie!



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